The faculty at C4A is an impressive collection of over two dozen of the area’s top teaching artists.

We offer private lessons, classes, and performance ensembles in music and flow arts. You may peruse our faculty by department or alphabetically by last name.

violin scroll Bowed Strings

Cello & Double Bass

Fiddle, Violin, & Viola

YOG bright guitar Plucked Strings


Bass Guitar

Guitar, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, & Ukulele


piano hands (1) Keyboards



Rick Hannah singalong 2015 Vocal

Community Chorus

Vocal Accompanying & Coaching

Vocal Instruction


10475807 - a nice view of a drum player Drums/Percussion

Drum set

Hand percussion

sax for website (1) Winds



moog-etherwave-theremin-limited-tiger-oak-45_2048x2048 Electronic Music


2016 guitar theory class Nate taking notes web copy Theory

Ear Training

Music Reading for Violin

Music Theory for Guitar Players



Performing Arts

Flow Arts




JeanRene square headshot Jean-René Balekita

  • Guitar
  • Hand percussion
15747706_10102099601508852_7095917975231388876_n Michael & Satina Braswell

  • Flow Arts
  • Magic
 Chia-Ying 120 Chia-Ying Chan

  • Piano
  • Accompanying
Dyke Corson 120 faculty Dyke Corson

  • Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Guitar
Maria Del Toro 120 faculty Maria Del Toro

  • Violin
  • Viola
Tom Faux 120 faculty banjo Tom Faux

  • Clawhammer Banjo
  • Guitar
  • Guitar “from Scratch” group class
  • Music Theory for Guitar Players
  • Cretaceous Band
Alyssa Gambill

  • Guitar
Sam Gingher 120 Sam Gingher

  • Accordion
  • Piano
Matthew Gladden 120 faculty Matthew Gladden

  • Piano
  • Accompanying
  • Vocal coaching
 Ken Holmes 120 faculty banjo Ken Holmes

  • Emeritus banjo teacher
 Josh Houchin 120 faculty Josh Houchin

  • Double bass (string bass)
  • Bass guitar
  • Jazz band

  • Scruggs/3-finger Style Banjo
Igor Kalnin 120 faculty Igor Kalnin

  • Violin
Robin Kearton vasupic 120 Robin Kearton

  • Violin, viola, fiddle
  • Bow-Dacious String Band
  • Fledgling String Band
  • Group violin instruction for adults
  • Olde Music: Renaissance and Baroque Ensemble
 2015 faculty wayne 120 Wayne Logue

  • Old-time fiddle
 lusardi Johnny Lusardi

  • Violin
  • Fiddle
Dorothy 120 faculty Dorothy Martirano

  • Violin
Steve Meadows 120 faculty  Steve Meadows

  • Guitar
  • Ukulele
  • Pop vocals

  • Theremin
 Version 3  Rick Murphy

  • C4A Chorus director
 Chris Patterson 120 Chris Patterson

  • Drums
Sam Payne 120 faculty Sam Payne

  • Guitar
  • Mandolin
chris petterson 120 faculty Chris Petterson

  • Cello
  • Bow-Dacious String Band
Amanda Ramey 120 faculty Amanda Ramey

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Fiddle
Erik Swanson 120 faculty Erik Swanson

  • Jazz guitar
  • Classical guitar
 RobSweedler 120 Rob Sweedler

  • Piano instruction
  • Piano from Scratch class
  • Piano Ensemble for kids
Arielle head square Arielle Weinstein

  • Flute
brad_wheeler Brad Wheeler

  • Saxophone
  • Improvisation