Keyboard Faculty

Meet our keyboard teachers!  These people will be happy to give you lessons in playing piano or accordion, accompanying, playing in a band, and music theory. We offer classical, jazz, and pop styles. We teach note reading, playing by ear, and improvisation.

Chia-Ying 120 Chia-Ying Chan: piano, accompanying

Chia-Ying teaches beginners through advanced players.  Her areas of expertise  are classical music, accompanying, and music theory.

Sam Gingher 120 Sam Gingher: accordion, piano

Sam teaches beginning through advanced skill levels.  An accomplished pianist who took up accordion, Sam is particularly suited to helping someone who already has piano skills transfer them to the “squeezebox,” although he is also happy to teach people who do not have experience with piano.

Matthew Gladden 120 faculty Matthew Gladden: piano, accompanying, vocal coaching

Matthew teaches beginning through advanced skills.  He specializes in vocal accompanying and coaching and is comfortable teaching classical music and many pop styles.

Leigh Meador: piano

Leigh teaches piano for beginning through intermediate players of all ages. She is comfortable teaching all foundational skills by ear or with written music, and specializes in jazz and popular styles.

RobSweedler 120 Rob Sweedler: piano, keyboard, melodica

Rob teaches piano for  beginners through intermediate players of all ages.  He is comfortable teaching classical, rock, and jazz styles with written or by-ear playing.  He also specializes in synthesizer.

Joy Yang: piano, keyboard, theremin

Joy teaches begining to advanced students of all ages and backgrounds, in private or group lessons. She specializes in classical, jazz and improvisatory idioms on the piano and theremin. She is a collaborative pianist for various instruments and styles and also teaches electronic music production.