Keyboard Faculty

Meet our keyboard teachers!  These people will be happy to give you lessons in playing piano or accordion, accompanying, playing in a band, and music theory. We offer classical, jazz, and pop styles. We teach note reading, playing by ear, and improvisation.

Chanmi “Sarah” Lee: piano, accompanying, coaching

Sarah is enjoys teaching all ages and can work with beginning to advanced skill levels.  She loves to talk and share ideas about music with all students! 

Wan Lin: piano, accompanying, coaching 

Wan works with all ages and skills, from beginning to advanced levels. She enjoys chamber music, accompanying instrumentalists and vocalists, and has a special love for choral music.

David McEathron: piano 

David enjoys communicating and exploring music with students at any level. He can teach classical music, and specializes in fusion, funk, and traditional jazz.

Leigh Meador:  piano

Leigh teaches piano for beginning through intermediate players of all ages. She is comfortable teaching all foundational skills by ear or with written music, and specializes in jazz and popular styles.

Jim Pryor: piano

Jim takes students at all ages and skills.  He is comfortable teaching most styles and specialties are jazz and gospel. 

RobSweedler 120

Rob Sweedler:  piano, keyboard, melodica, accordion

Rob teaches piano for  beginners through intermediate players of all ages.  He is comfortable teaching classical, rock, and jazz styles with written or by-ear playing.  He also specializes in synthesizer.

Celia Faux:  accordion

Celia Faux is trained in history and archiving, and is passionate about music–especially playing accordion!  She’s a long-time enthusiast of old-time music and has an eclectic musical palette.