Play in a Group

Music is best when shared with others!

Music Groups for Adults and Upper Teens

Ensembles are a fun way to meet people, keep your brain active, and boost your spirits while you enjoy playing music!

Here is a list of our adult ensembles.

If you’re interested in individual lessons, click here.

Scroll down to learn about opportunities for kids.

Group Classes for Adults and Upper Teens

Classes are instructive, designed to teach you how to play an instrument–like violin or guitar– or to help you learn about a particular subject like music theory, or arranging.

Here’s a list of our group classes.

Our classes are all for upper teens or adults.

School aged kids can take lessons and join one of our ensembles for kids (scroll down for information).

Piano Club

This is an informal meeting of people who are in love with the piano–playing it, hearing it, talking about it! The structure of the sessions varies, but piano is always at the heart of the matter.

More information about Piano Club

Music groups for kids

We offer ensembles and group music making for all ages!

We teach kids how to play with other musicians and help them build confidence in performing, all in a fun relaxed setting!

Here’s a list of our kids’ music groups