Cello and Bass Faculty

Whether you are interested in classical, folk, rock, jazz, or other styles, you can get quality cello and bass lessons at C4A!

Josh Houchin 120 faculty Josh Houchin: bass & bass guitar

Josh is our primary bass instructor. He plays double bass (also known as acoustic bass, upright bass or stand up bass)  and electric bass (also known as bass guitar).  Josh is fluent in many styles of bass playing, and can teach you with written music or by ear.  He can show you how to use a bow, pluck the strings, and slap the fingerboard.  He’ll be happy to explain  the theory behind folk-style “walkups” and jazz-style walking bass lines.

chris petterson 120 faculty Chris Petterson: cello

Chris is a versatile player with experience ranging from symphonic playing to rock bands and can teach you to play melodically as well as how to be a functional member of the rhythm section. He is very good at analyzing an obstacle and figuring out a good path for working it out!