Contribute to C4A’s Scholarship Fund

teaching camp 2015 steve & elijah adjusted & cropped copyRemoving barriers to participation in the arts is a key element to C4A’s mission. If you would like to help us remove financial barriers by funding tuition for a student with financial need here are some suggested gift levels:

Individual lesson address the specific learning needs of each student.  Our instructors are all dedicated teachers and professional performers. 

Lessons for one semester (14 weeks):

  • ½ hour weekly: $350
  • 45 minutes weekly: $525
  • One hour weekly: $700

rosieLessons for a school year (30 weeks):

  • ½ hour weekly: $750
  • 45 minutes weekly: $1125
  • One hour weekly: $1500

Lessons year round (48 weeks):

  • ½ hour weekly: $1200
  • 45 minutes weekly: $1800
  • One hour weekly: $2400

Ensembles and group classes provide opportunities for group music making and peer learning.  Some of our offerings are stand-alone classes, others are designed to complement lessons.  Ensembles are open to anyone with the requisite skills. Group classes are taught sequentially and may be subject to prerequisites. 

Ensembles: African Drumming, Bow-Dacious String Band, Fledgling Band, Country Music Ensemble, Marvelous Cretaceous Band, Jazz Ensemble, Noise Ensemble, Olde Music Baroque & Renaissance Ensemble.

  • One semester: $150
  • School year (2 semesters): $300
  • Full year (including intersession): $350
  • Full year + weeklong summer camp: $600

Group classes:

  • 6-week session for students high school and older to learn basics of playing an instrument: $100
  • Group classes designed to prepare very beginning and younger students to participate in an ensemble as they learn basic musicianship skills and reinforce their technical development. Note that students enrolled in these classes are required to also take individual lessons.
    • 12-week semester: $150
    • 24-week school year: $300

Your gift at any level will be appreciated and put to good use! If you are interested in making a sizable contribution to help our scholarship endowment grow please contact our director.

The Community Center for the Arts is a 501(c)3 organization; your donation is fully deductible.