Scholarship: In keeping with our mission to make the arts accessible, we offer limited scholarship assistance based on financial need.  We cannot guarantee financial assistance; the awards we are able to offer are dependent on the funds in our scholarship account. Students requesting financial assistance should contact us to inquire about our work-study and scholarship programs. Students seeking financial aid are required to fill out a scholarship application, which must be renewed each semester.

Non-discrimination: The Community Center for the Arts (C4A) is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. 

Privacy: C4A does not swap mailing lists with other organizations, give or sell your information to anyone, or share your information in any other way with anyone except your teacher at C4A and the C4A support staff.  We reserve the right to use photos or other media including our students but will not publish identifying details without express permission.

Whistle blower policy: board approval pending.

Document retention and destruction: board approval pending.