Fees and Payment Options

quartet boysThis page has information about fees and payment options for lessons, group classes, and ensembles.


Effective September 1, 2023, C4A will be raising rates for lessons, ensembles, and group classes. The increase will be reflected in your October bill, for lessons taken in September.

New rates effective September 1, 2023:

  • Individual Lessons: 30-minutes $30; 45-minutes $45; 60-minutes $60
  • Ensembles: $175 for a 12-week semester. The family and multiple ensemble discount rate will be $150
  • Group classes: $125 for a 6-week session

If the new rates pose a hardship for you or your family, please contact our director ([email protected]) to work out an arrangement so that you can afford to continue participating in our programs.


Listed below are the current rates ending August 31, 2023.

Current Lesson Fees:

  • Private lessons are billed at $50 per hour ($25 for half hour, $37.50 for 45 minutes).
  • A weekly half-hour lesson will average $100 per month.
  • Students may choose to pay lesson fees on a monthly basis or purchase a block of lessons in advance.

Current Shared Lesson Fees: For selected instruments, 2 or 3 people can share a lesson! 

  • Shared 45 minute lesson: $18.75 each for 2, $13.00 each for 3
  • Shared 60 minute lesson: $25 each for 2, $18 each for 3

Current Group Class and Ensemble Fees:

  • Adult groups classes are $100 for a six-class session.
  • All ensembles are billed at $150 for a semester.  (Any extra fees for teaching materials will are posted on individual ensemble pages)
  • Students who register for more than one ensemble receive a discounted rate of $125.  If members of the same household register for more than one ensemble, they each receive a discounted rate of $125.


  • Each family will receive a monthly invoice listing lesson charges for the prior month. It will be delivered to your inbox on the 8th of each month, and payment will be due on the 18th.
  • Each family will receive one invoice for classes and ensembles each semester.  If you add something later we will update the same invoice so that your entire list for the semester is in one place.
  • Your invoices and statements will arrive via email unless you make other arrangements with us.

Payment methods: 

  • The payment site will look like this

    When you receive your invoice you will find a link that takes you to a site where you may pay by electronic check with no extra charge.

  • You may also use the same site to make a credit card payment; there is a 2.9% service fee for credit card payments.
  • You may still pay by hard-copy check, also with no extra charge. Please make it out to C4A and write the student’s first and last name on the memo line. Checks may be deposited in one of 3 drop boxes at C4A (ask a teacher to direct you to one) or mailed to us at 103 North Race Street, Urbana, IL 61801.
  • You may pay in cash! Please ask your teacher to give you a receipt, and keep it for your records.
  • You may still use Pay Pal to make a credit card payment, although we expect to phase this out in coming months. There will be a $3 convenience fee to cover our expenses for this service.

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