Banjo Faculty

Meet our banjo teachers!  We have lots of experience and can teach most playing styles.

Tom Faux 120 faculty banjo Tom Faux: clawhammer banjo, guitar, music theory for guitar players 

Tom teaches clawhammer banjo, the style most popular for old-time music. Tom likes to incorporate many more musical styles into clawhammer style playing, and his personal style of playing is very melodic. He knows his way around playing chords on the banjo very well too, and can show you whatever you want to learn.

  John Gantz: Scruggs style banjo

John teaches 3 finger, or Scruggs, style banjo playing to all ages!  He’s ready to help you on your journey playing bluegrass banjo.

Ken Holmes 120 faculty banjo Ken Holmes: Scruggs style banjo (emeritus instructor)

Ken passed away in fall 2019, but his love of teaching and music lives on!