Theory Faculty

Our teachers can work with a wide range of musicians who want to broaden their musical foundation with theoretical knowledge. We can accommodate people who are just starting the journey by learning about intervals, key signatures, and notation, as well as accomplished players who want to be better at improvising or creating their own arrangements.

Tom with acoustic Tom Faux: Music Theory for Guitar Players, Ear Training

Tom has played guitar for decades and has a deep understanding of functional theory.  He can teach you about chord progressions, substitutions, and much more. He has created a special series of theory classes just for guitar players and is team teaching a course on ear training.

Amanda Ramey 120 faculty  Amanda Ramey: Music Reading for Violins

Amanda enjoys teaching young violinists to read music notation, get a firm grasp on rhythm, and understand how basic theoretical building blocks like key signatures and simple chords affect the way they approach playing their instruments.