Beginning Music Theory for Guitar Players

2016 guitar theory class Nate taking notes web copyWe are not currently offering Beginning Guitar Theory. Please contact us if you are interested in this class.

Beginning Guitar Theory will cover chord forms, progressions, scales, and other concepts to help you toward becoming an effective accompanist and soloist. The course will be tailored to participants’ requests and experience; students are encouraged to sign up for several sessions.

The class is taught by Tom Fauxa veteran guitar and banjo teacher on C4A’s music faculty and musicologist on the faculty of Illinois State University. 

Beginning Theory topics will include:

  • Major, minor, and 7th chords
  • Moveable chord forms
  • The blues
  • Major scales
  • Beginning improvisation.
  • And other things, to be decided in class.

Required skill level:

  • “Guitar From Scratch” or equivalent level of experience
  • Rudimentary knowledge of guitar chords
  • Ability to pick out a single string melody
Experienced guitarists, check out:  Advanced Theory for Guitar Players
Class Theory for Guitar Players
Instructor Tom Faux
Meeting time
Duration 6 weekly sessions; may be repeated multiple times.
Dates TBD
Location C4A room 8 (downstairs)
Skill level Guitar from Scratch” OR be comfortable changing chords, and be able to pick single note melodies.


Cost  $125 / 6-week session. May be taken multiple times.

5% discount if you register for both sections before September 30.

Next offering TBD