2024 Workshops

Check out our workshops for the 2024 Fiddle & Jam weekend!  Workshops are for adults and suitable for older kids, age 5th grade and up.

We have 4 separate time slots with workshops for you to choose from! Registration is required; scholarships are readily available. Some workshops have a prerequisite skill level; others are for beginners.  Please read below for details.

There is a registration fee of $5 for each workshop.

Use this online form to register or request financial assistance. 

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Session #1: Saturday at 12:45 pm  

Tunes played by Black Midwestern Fiddlers, with Aaron Albrecht. 

Aaron will play selected tunes that were collected from Black fiddlers in the midwest, tell a bit about their history and interesting features, and teach them to players in the room. Anyone may observe this workshop; participants should already have some skill playing their instrument. 

Session #2: Saturday at 2:00 pm

Pick only one from this session. 

Fiddle from Scratch, with Robin Kearton. 

Never held a violin? Don’t let that stop you! Learn the very basics of playing and be ready to jam on a very simple tune by the end of the session! Bring a violin if you can; we have a few to loan. 

Banjo Group, with Tom Faux.

For clawhammer banjo players who already have some skill playing and can bring their own banjo. Come learn tunes, grab licks, and enjoy a delightfully raucous banjo jam! 

Session # 3: Saturday at 3:15 pm 

Beyond Hoedowns! with Aaron Albrecht.

Aaron will teach some of his favorite “non-hoedowns” like country rags, two-steps, blues, or popular tunes of the 1920s and 30s that have worked their way into the traditional repertoire. Participants should have some skill playing their instruments.

Session # 4:  Saturday at 4:30 pm

Slow Jam, with with Robin Kearton & Tom Faux

For beginners and people who are not used to playing by ear. Instruction will be given as needed, and you can have access to PDF versions of the tunes you learn. This jam is geared toward fiddle, banjo, and guitar players, but everyone is welcome! 
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