Oud Group Class

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We are not offering our OUD class during Spring 2020 semester, but you can still sign up for private instruction.  Please email us if you would like more information.

The oud is a stringed instrument commonly played in the Middle East, North Africa, and throughout the Mediterranean region. It has a fretless short-neck with 5 or 6 double strings and a round box at the back. It is plucked using a special pick called a “risha.”

Here is a video clip showing the oud played by our instructors

Oud instructor Fadi Alnaji was trained at the renowned Taqasim Music School in London.  His course will include basics of Middle Eastern music as well as oud technique. The classes are oriented toward oud players; other instruments may join with permission of the instructor.

You must bring your own instrument to participate in either class. Please contact us  immediately if you would like to order an inexpensive oud for the class.  (The course may be taken on other instruments, by permission of the instructor.)

Instructor Fadi Alnaji

Nabil Ramlawi, assistant instructor

Beginning Oud

Not offered Spring 2020

Location C4A room 5 (upstairs; enter at 103 North Race)
Ages High school to adult
Skill level Please see descriptions above.
Contact info@c-4a.org.


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The Taqasim Music SchoolLogo Taqasim Black, based in London, was established in 2011 to teach the Oud, one of the most significant among instruments and disciplines that represent the Middle Eastern Music.  The school’s founding director, Iraqi Oud Master Ahmed Mukhtar, has been carrying the music and Oud on his shoulders since he was a boy. His goal is to present his music, as a cultural bridge, to various nations with the utmost beauty and passion.