Teaching Ensembles

Join an ensemble! Play great music with other musicians! Make new friends!

C4A’s fall 2020 ensembles are all structured to keep players safe while addressing the human need for collective music making! 


Our ensembles have a dual goal of providing excellent music training and fostering a relaxed setting for musical socializing. 

Bow-Dacious String Band

The meeting format for fall 2020 will include small groups meeting outside, weather permitting, and move to exclusively Zoom meetings when it gets cold. Please visit the webpage for details.

C4A’s award-winning ensemble for bowed & plucked strings (other instruments by consent) ages 8 through high school. Repertoire is largely traditional dance & fiddle tunes and international folk songs with occasional pop, rock, blues, and jazz.

Our ensembles for adults are designed to keep adult amateur musicians engaged and growing musically.  They are accessible to a wide range of skills and instruments. 

C4A Noise Ensemble

Expand your musical mind with this collective exploration of sound,  music, and performance! Suitable for everyone, from absolutely inexperienced to very sophisticated musicians. Please visit webpage for details.

Olde trombone guitar mandolinOlde Music Baroque & Renaissance Ensemble

Old music for modern musicians on almost any instrument! This ensemble will meet on Zoom for coaching and social interaction, and produce collaborative videos. Please visit webpage for details.


The Fleas: C4A Ukulele Ensemble

This ensemble will meet remotely on Zoom for instruction and camaraderie, and produce a collaborative video.  Please visit webpage for details.