Directed Ensembles

Join an ensemble! Play great music with other musicians! Make new friends!

Our ensembles have a dual goal of providing excellent music training and fostering a relaxed setting for musical socializing. 

2015 BSB street playing (victor)Bow-Dacious String Band

C4A’s award-winning ensemble for bowed & plucked strings (other instruments by consent) ages 8 through high school. Repertoire is largely traditional dance & fiddle tunes and international folk songs with occasional pop, rock, blues, and jazz.

juggling girlsSpin, Juggle, & Flow

Combine circus skills with dance moves for a great visual performance art. This program is great  for people who like to be creative and active.

Our ensembles for adults are designed to keep adult amateur musicians engaged and growing musically.  They are accessible to a wide range of skill levels and instruments. 

African Drumming Circle

Explore the joys of rhythmic complexity developed from simple parts fitting together! This is mesmerizing!  No experience required.

Country Music Ensemble

Country Music brown trimmed

Come play classic country in a laid-back group!  All instruments welcome!

Cretaceous Band

Also known as “Marvelous Cretaceous Band,” this group plays music from a broad range of musical tastes; interesting music from all over, for adults who play almost any instrument.

jazz perf guitar pianoJazz Band

Learn to play jazz standards from many eras and receive coaching in improvisation.

Olde trombone guitar mandolinOlde Music Baroque & Renaissance Ensemble

Old music for modern musicians on almost any instrument!

Sikama Choir

Sing compelling music from all over Africa in C4A’s Congolese-American choir. Everyone is invited!