C4A Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy focuses on giving students access to the best of formal classical technique in combination with the best of popular skills like ear training and improvisation.

Since playing music is at once a personal challenge and a tremendous medium for communication, students will be encouraged to join a performance group at the earliest possible stage of their musical development.  We recognize that much of the joy in learning an instrument is in playing with others.  With that in mind we provide regular opportunities for ensemble playing at all levels.

Our goal at C4A is to help you make the best progress on your instrument and become a well-rounded musician.  We mix technique, music theory, and a varied repertoire, including classical and popular music, to help meet that end.

Although students will have a primary individual instructor, our approach to teaching is team oriented; our curriculum provides for interaction between various instruments and staff members for the best educational experience in a diverse musical environment.  This gives our students access to a broad range of musical encounters to help them in their development as musicians.