Olde Music Group

We play music from baroque, renaissance, and romantic periods from various sources, both familiar and unfamiliar.

Our musical goal is historically informed interpretations that leave room for modern sensibilities. The phrasing and style matters a lot, but the instrument you play being from the correct historic period does not.  So dig out your fiddle, recorder, clarinet, electric bass or whatever you like to play and come make some good music with us!

Class  Olde Music Group
Instructor Robin Kearton
Meeting Time Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:00 PM
Dates  2023 Fall semester starts September 14th and ends December 7thLate registrations accepted

No meeting on November 23rd

Duration 12 weekly sessions
Meeting Location C4A Front Room.
Ages High school to adult
Proficiency Advanced beginner to advancedMust be able to read sheet music but fluent sight reading not required.
Contact info@c-4a.orgRegister online
Cost $175.  Discounts may apply
Next Offering Spring 2024