Instruments & Accessories

Where do I find an instrument?

Please do not purchase an instrument without showing it to your teacher! A well set-up instrument is essential to the development of young string players. Your teacher will also help to determine the correct size of instrument that is needed. Smaller is better than larger.

The bowed string rental service at Corson’s was specifically put in place to provide C4A students with excellent quality instruments. We do not receive any commission or discounts from them, but they have pledged to rent only instruments set up to be in very good playing condition, and we encourage you to check with them first.

Corson Music (Urbana branch located in front room of C4A. They have a Champaign store too, that keeps more inventory on hand.)
(217) 367-3898
Email Corson’s
If you are ready to purchase a better quality bowed instrument please check with your teacher for recommendations.

Accessories for violinists: People come in different shapes and sizes, so do chinrests and shoulder rests. Your teacher will help you to pick out one that is right for you.

Accessories for cellists:

Keeping proper posture is very important when playing a musical instrument and for a cellist that means having a chair at the right height. All students less than four feet tall are required to have an adjustable cello stool for practice, lessons, and performances. The “Grow With Me Cello Chair” is highly recommended:

 A strap style endpin holder is required for all cellists to aid playing posture. The “Xeros Cello Endpin Anchor” is highly recommended:

Accessories for guitarists:

Your teacher will guide you on what kinds of strings, picks, straps, and other accessories yo may need.  Most of these may be obtained through Corson Music.