Facilities Upgrade Plan

We want our studios, rehearsal/performance spaces, and waiting areas to be as comfortable and flexible as possible. Here are some of our projects past, present, and future:

Projects we are currently working on:

  • Over the summer of 2018 we started to get our upstairs library better organized to make our growing collection of resources more accessible. We still have work to do here that requires materials for  cataloging and storage, plus many hours of hands-on activity.
  • Starting in December, 2017 and continuing to present, we have been working on remodeling our waiting areas.  They are better than they were, but we have further upgrades to make them more comfortable for our students and create a more welcoming atmosphere in our communal gathering places.

Next in line: (pending funding)

  • We would like to reconfigure and upgrade our studios so that they are comfortable for our teachers and students and have the most flexible usage.  Some need to be refurnished, have shelving added, or be repainted.
  • We would like to re-carpet throughout the building.
  • We are considering better storage options.
  • We need a newer computer in our upstairs office/mailroom
  • We need to repaint most of the building
  • One of our bathrooms needs some sprucing up.

Completed projects:

Remodel front room accessible at 202 W Main to create space that can double as an ensemble rehearsal room and performance venue. 

  • 2016
    • Remove counters
    • Replace worn out carpet with hardwood floors.
    • Repaint walls
    • Install new awning and window decals
  • 2018
    • Create small reception area

Studio upgrades:

  • As of December 2016 we have a piano or high-quality keyboard in every studio!

Upgrade upstairs office/mailroom

  • We upgraded our office with shelving and a better printer/copier in 2016.

Nicer bathrooms

  • 3 of our 4 bathrooms are painted and decorated, thanks to the efforts of a very creative volunteer!