Blues Guitar

This class is not currently offered.  If you are interested in taking a class like this please contact us.

This group emphasizes beginner to advanced-beginner techniques for playing the blues. If you have taken the Guitar From Scratch or the Build Your Repertoire guitar classes, or if you are interested in learning more about playing the blues, then this session is perfect for you.

Class Blues Guitar
Meeting Time
Duration 6-week class
Meeting Location C4A Studios, Room 7
Ages High School and older
Proficiency Advanced Beginner
Contact  217.384.5150   register
Cost $100 per 6-week session
Next Offering TBA


For this class you should know basic guitar skills, how to play open chords (e.g., G, C, D, A, E, Em, Am and others), and you should be able to change chords at-tempo. If you’re not that experienced, then please check out our Guitar From Scratch class so you’ll be ready for this one next time around!

This will be a group class with an emphasis on sharpening many techniques–including blues progressions, chords, turn-arounds and scales for playing leads and fills– within the context of playing specific blues songs.

We’ll work together to develop a repertoire of blues tunes and students will recommend some of the songs that we’ll be playing. This is a great chance to work on those blues tunes that you’ve always wanted to play!

During this class we’ll explore playing lead guitar and you’ll learn to play the minor pentatonic blues scale (in many positions) to play leads and riffs.

You should come away from this class with a much better understanding of many basic blues guitar techniques and how to apply these techniques.