Music Reading Band for Kids

orch violin sectionOnce you can play your instrument it’s a great idea to learn to read music! This class will prepare you to not only “interpret” sheet music but actually be able to read it in an ensemble setting.  It is the perfect way to prepare for join gin our chamber music program or any other ensemble that reads music–or to become a better reader just for your own satisfaction.

This class can accommodate a wide range of experience; each week we’ll start with basics and get more complex until we pass everyone’s comfort zone.  More experienced players will get a good review in the first part of class, and less experienced players will get an overview as they gain new skills in the second part of class.

We’ll play fun challenge games and change things up to keep everyone engaged!

Topics covered will include:


  • Understanding proportional relationships in rhythmic notation, including rests
  • Understanding duple and triple rhythmic subdivision
  • Understanding and recognizing commonly occurring rhythmic cells visually and aurally
  • Interpreting simple rhythms, moving into interpreting syncopations, and other more complex rhythms
  • Understanding basic meters and time signatures, moving into compound meters and less common time signatures

Note recognition

  • Interpreting melodic contour
  • Comprehension of where the notes are on our instruments
  • Recognizing notes on the staff, moving into recognizing notes above and below the staff
  • Recognizing intervals on the staff

Key Signatures

  • Understanding where key signatures come from
  • Understanding how key signatures affect our fingering patterns on different strings
  • Becoming familiar with commonly-used major and minor key signatures
  • Understanding the relationship between major and minor keys


  • Practice reading with our instruments; stopping and starting at odd spots with familiar music
  • Beginning sight-reading skills on our instruments; reading new music
  • Beginning sight-singing skills
CLASS Music Reading for Kids
MEETING TIME Tuesdays, 4:30 to 5:30 PM
DATES September 12 to December 5.

No class on November 21.

Snow day December 12.

DURATION 12 weekly sessions
LOCATION C4A Middle Room
AGES 8 to 12 or consent

contact us if you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready

SKILL LEVEL Advanced beginners to intermediate players


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COST  $150.  Discounts may apply.
NEXT OFFERING  Spring 2018