Middle Eastern Ensemble

We are not currently offering Middle Eastern Ensemble. Please email us if you are interested in playing in a group.

While the primary instrument for this ensemble is the Oud, it is also suitable for any instrument that can play quarter tones—the tones between the half steps of western music. Instruments include Turkish/Arabic flute and any unfretted string instrument: violin family, fretless guitars, etc.

You do not need to be familiar with Middle Eastern music traditions—Fadi will teach you—but you do need to be able to play your instrument and be able to read sheet music on at least a basic level.

The objective of the Middle Eastern Ensemble is to provide students with the opportunity to further develop their performance skills in a group setting. Each class will focus on a single Maqam and its corresponding repertoire with the goal of further developing students’ ornamentation skills such as tremolos, trills and the use of qarar and jawab within each song or piece.

Through this course, students will have the chance to progress their skills collaboratively while performing as a collective ensemble as well as playing solo. A selection of traditional songs and pieces will be analyzed in detail, adding various ornamentations and dynamics. Maqamaat that will be explored in detail include: Maqam Ajam, Nahawand, Rast and Bayat.

When this ensemble is ready we will perform in public!  Here is a video clip of our Oud class performing on a recital last spring.

Class Middle Eastern Ensemble
Meeting time
Ages Adults.  High school age with instructor consent.
Skill level Must be able to play your instrument.

Basic music reading required.




Cost $165 includes cost of purchased music book.

Discounts may apply

Next offering TBD