Continuing Guitar Class

guitar player

NOTE: This class is not currently offered. Please contact us if you would be interested in taking this class!

This class is designed to follow the Guitar From Scratch class, so if you have taken Guitar From Scratch, then this class will be perfect for you.  Also, if you know basic guitar skills (right-hand and left-hand techniques, open chords such as G, C, D, Am, Em, F, A, E and B7, and you can change chords at-tempo, then this is the class for you.

This will be a group class with an emphasis on sharpening many techniques within the context of playing specific songs, and developing repertoire. We’ll work on developing rhythm guitar techniques including alternating bass notes, bass runs, and moveable chord shapes. We will also cover basic finger-picking during this class and work on at least one song using finger-picking techniques.

Song selection will vary with each class, so this repertoire-building class can be taken several times. We’ll work on specific songs which students will recommend.  This is a great chance to work on those songs that you’ve always wanted to play, so dig out those song books and bring some tunes to class.

You should come away from  this class with a better understanding of many rhythm guitar techniques and how to use them to play some of your favorite songs.

Class Continuing Guitar Class
Instructor Tom Faux
Dates Not currently offered.
Duration 6 weekly sessions
Meeting Location C4A Studios
Ages Students high school age or older
Skill level Advanced Beginner–Guitar from Scratch or instructor consent
Cost $100 per 6-week session