Build a Playable Electric Guitar

Gregory Erbach of DuPeister Guiars will lead this workshop. Each participant will receive a a kit of parts selected by Greg, instruction on how to assemble them, and expert tips on setup.

Registration is limited to 6 participants: first come, first served.

Activities for the week include:

  • Brief history of the electric guitar
  • Measuring and assembling the pieces in the kit, ensuring that everything lines up as it should
  • Learning about the circuitry
  • Soldering demonstration
  • Learning and practicing intricacies of setup, including truss rod adjustment and setting the intonation of each string. 
We won’t have time to address special finishes in this workshop; at the end of the week you’ll have a lovely guitar with a natural wood finish that is set up correctly!

Greg has built many guitars over the years, both from kits and from scratch, and he is looking forward to giving you the benefit of his experience!

Greg Erbach, with a few of his earlier guitars


Workshop Build Your Own Electric Guitar
Instructors Gregory Erbach, of DuPeister Guitars

Celia Faux

Dates July 15-19, 2019
Duration Monday through Friday
Meeting time 3:00 to 6:00 pm
Location C4A, upstairs in room 7
Age Teens: high school,

mature middle school, college age

Prerequisites No experience required
Cost The total cost will be between $400 and $450.

$200 + materials fee of $200-$250.  We will be able to negotiate the lower cost if enough people sign up, but it will not be higher than $250 for materials.

Registration Register Online
Contact  or 217-384-5150