Fledgling Band Camp

Learn how to play music in a group! For kids who play bowed/plucked strings, keyboard, or percussion.

There’s no need to wait until you’re “good enough” to start playing with other musicians–we will teach you how to work in a group even if you’ve only been playing for a short time!

Our focus from 9am to noon each day will be on skills required to be a good ensemble player:

  • Rhythmic precision
  • Group tuning
  • Responding to cues (visual and aural)
  • And, most importantly, synchronizing with others.

After lunch it will be time for electives, and you can choose music or something else to fill your afternoon!

We’ll have a great time learning to play cool tunes, pick up a little music theory along the way, and have a nice performance at the end of the week.

Camp: Fledgling Band Camp
Electives: This Week’s Electives: Quiet time, Ukulele, Costumes, Props & Sets, Bucket Drums, Dance, Free-play Construction & Game Room
Instructor: Robin Kearton
Dates: June 11-15, 2018
Duration: 1 week: Monday through Friday
Meeting Time: Standard camp: 9:00am to 3:00pm

Extended camp: 9:00am to 5:00pm

Location: C4A Studios
Age:  6-10
Prerequisite:  A few months to a few years of playing your instrument
Cost: Camp cost, Discounts & Deadlines
Registration: Register Online or contact us
Contact: info@c-4a.org or 217-384-5150