Fall 2018 at a Glance


Here is a quick look at the many classes and ensembles offered during C4A’s Fall season.

What is the difference between a group class and an ensemble?

  • Ensembles are performance oriented, the music has more than one part going at a time, and there are often mixed instruments playing together.
  • Classes are instructive, designed to teach you how to play an instrument or help you learn about a particular subject like music theory, or arranging.
  • We also offer private and shared music lessons.
Ensembles  Ages
Bow-Dacious String Band   6 – 18
Country Music Ensemble  High school to adult
Cretaceous Band  Adults
Keyboard Band for Kids Ages 7-15 or consent.
Fledgling Band Ages 4 to 7
Jazz Band  Middle school to adult
Olde Music Baroque & Renaissance Ensemble  High school to adult
Sikama Congolese-American Chorus High school to adult
Spin, Juggle, & Flow   7 – adult
Classes  Ages
Guitar from Scratch: for absolute beginners  Adults
Violin from Scratch: for absolute beginners  Adults
Oud and Middle Eastern Music for Beginners  Adults
Continuing Guitar Class  Adults
Continuing Violin Group  Adults
Oud and Middle Eastern Music for Upper Beginners Adults