Performance Ensembles

Making music with friends is one of life’s greatest pleasures!  
BSB emanuel & ashiC4A offers performance ensembles for all ages and experience levels. Peruse the list below to find one that appeals to you. 


What is the difference between a group class and an ensemble?

  • Ensembles are performance oriented, the music has more than one part going at a time, and there are often mixed instruments playing together. Please look below for information about our performance ensembles.
  • Classes are instructive, designed to teach you how to play an instrument or help you learn about a particular subject like music theory, or arranging.

Information about our classes

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Our ensembles have a dual goal of providing excellent music training and fostering a relaxed setting for musical socializing. Playing together in an ensemble can create friendships and bonds of commonality that you just can’t get anywhere else, and many kids play with our ensembles year after year because of the satisfaction they get from playing music with their friends.
audacious cellist back w/audienceAudacious Orchestra

Performance ensemble for bowed string players 4th grade through high school. Repertoire is classical music for string orchestra, arranged to be accessible or challenging, as needed.

2015 BSB street playing (victor)Bow-Dacious String Band

C4A’s award-winning ensemble for bowed & plucked strings (other instruments by consent) ages 8 through high school. Repertoire is largely traditional dance & fiddle tunes and international folk songs with occasional rock, blues, and jazz.

Rick Hannah singalong 2015C4A Chorus

Community chorus for age middle school through grandparent age!  Come sing a variety of songs in a friendly group setting. No experience needed.

2013 lessons youth pianoPiano Ensemble

Learn to play in a group–a great skill for young pianists! This is a place to develop skills playing with others and learn about playing different styles of music.

juggling girlsSpin, Juggle, & Flow

Combine circus skills with dance moves for a great visual performance art. This program is suitable for people who like to be creative and active.

violin recitalViolin Ensemble

Focus on being in a group from the very earliest stages of playing! Join our ensemble for the youngest members of our string family and learn how to play in a group so you’ll fit right in when you are ready to join a bigger group. It’s a great way to make music friends too!

Violin Reading Ensemble

Learn to read music as you play and understand exactly what you are doing: so much more than just deciphering notes on a page!

Our ensembles for adults are designed to keep adult amateur musicians engaged and growing musically.  They are accessible to a wide range of skill levels and instruments.  Check them out!
Chorus early group shotC4A Chorus

Community chorus for for teens & adults who would love to sing a variety of songs from light classics to musical theater in a group. No experience needed.

2014 Cretaceous group shot at goldysCretaceous Band:

Also known as “Marvelous Cretaceous Band,” this is a performance ensemble for grownups with a broad range of musical tastes–interesting music from all over, for adults who play any instrument at advanced beginner to intermediate skill levels.

jazz perf guitar pianoJazz Band: 

Learn to play jazz standards from many eras and receive coaching in improvisation.

Olde trombone guitar mandolinOlde Music Baroque & Renaissance Ensemble:

Old music for modern musicians on almost any instrument!

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