UIUC School of Music presents Paul Rolland seminar

5 Nov 2011 – 02:00 PM -05:00 PM
UIUC School of Music

Urbana, IL    

Rolland was a very influential string pedagogue who taught at the university in the 60s & 70s.  You have all been touched by his teaching without even knowing!  Bow-Dacious will perform at 2:00 for a master class at this event. That means we’ll perform, and then we’ll get coached on how to improve.  It will be really fun!  Our coach will be Dr. Peter Rolland, who is the son of Paul Rolland, a devoted teacher, a very good fiddler, a nice guy, and a friend of Jordan Kaye!  After we play there will be other activities that we can stay around for.  Lots of other kids from the community will be there too. (There’s no cost for this)