Hours & Location

main st viewHours:

Starting in August, 2016 you can find us at 202 West Main Street Monday through Friday, from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

You may often catch us if you drop in at other times: we are always open during lessons or group class meetings, which includes weekdays during after-school hours and Sunday afternoon. If you’d like to make an appointment to meet with us or tour the facility outside our regular hours please email us.


The Community Center for the Arts is located at the intersection of Race and Main in downtown Urbana. You may enter our building using the front door at 202 West Main Street  or side door at 103 North Race Street, Urbana, IL.  

We are in the space previously occupied by Corson Music Guitar Store. (You can still get accessories from Corson’s at our location) We are just south of the Courier Cafe and north of Busey Bank.


If you want to drop off a student and then go to park, we recommend one of these 2 options:

  1. Approach from the north on Race Street. You can stop just in front of our door and let your student hop out.  There is not usually much traffic, and there is a separate left-turn lane, so you will not be an obnoxious traffic blocker.  We do not recommend letting students get out of the car if you are northbound on Race. 
  2. If you are westbound you can drop your student off on Main Street.

Parking: metered parking is 25 cents per hour, or free after hours. 

  • Metered parking in the city lot just north of the Rose Bowl, on the east side of the road as you pass the Courier. 
  • Metered parking at the west end of our block on Main Street, on your right just past the fork in the road. 
  • Metered parking along Main Street in front of our building or co-lab when the cabanas are not in place, or in front of one of the great gallery or eatery spaces just east of Race.  
  • Park in the city garage between Broadway and Race.  It’s just a block away.
  • After hours you can try Busey Bank’s parking lot. 
  • Because we want to be good neighbors, we discourage students from parking in the Courier’s lot.