Camp Electives June 25-29, 2018

These electives go along with Playing with Piano, Whodunnit? Mystery Camp & Junior Camp. Campers can choose the elective they like, even if it is not related to their core camp.

Campers in Standard Camp should pick a 1st period elective; Extended Day campers should pick electives for both periods.

1st period:

Bucket Drums: Learn this popular urban musical art! Teaches essential rhythm skills, and it’s fun!  Take this elective multiple times and deepen your skill.

Costumes, Props & Sets: Learn about clothes, hair, and makeup, and create props needed for our Mystery Camp.

Quiet Time: This elective is required for Junior Campers (age 4-7) but older campers are also welcome to choose this option. We’ll color or draw, read, play quiet games, listen to music, rest, or even take a nap!

2nd period:

You can play SO many different kinds of music on piano!

Back Story: We’ll watch and discuss videos about piano and piano players performing all types of music styles.

Free-play Construction: Combine your creativity and our materials to build a fort, a village, or another project of your dreams!

Game Room: Cards, board games, dominoes, checkers, chess – it’s all good and our staff will help you learn strategies and skills.

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