Camp Electives June 11-15, 2018

These electives go along with Variety Theater, Fledgling Band & Junior Camp. Campers can choose the elective they like, even if it is not related to their core camp.

Campers in Standard Camp should pick a 1st period elective; Extended Day campers should pick electives for both periods.

1st period:

Ukulele: Learn chords or melodies and play your favorite songs! Take this elective multiple times to deepen your skill.

Costumes, Props & Sets: Learn about clothes, hair, and makeup.  This week’s focus will be determined by what happens in Variety Theater camp, but Fledgling Band members can also participate. Hands-on activities may include face painting, costume creation, and hair styling.

Quiet Time: This elective is required for Junior Campers (age 4-7) but older campers are also welcome to choose this option. We’ll color or draw, read, play quiet games, listen to music, rest, or even take a nap!

2nd period:

Play Buckets!

Bucket Drums: Learn this popular urban musical art! This elective teaches great rhythm skills for any instrument. Take this elective multiple times and deepen your skill.

Dance: Choreography, freestyle dance, and more, as it relates to our final performance of Variety Theater. Fledgling Band and Junior Campers may also participate in this elective, and join in the final performance!

Free-play Construction: Combine your creativity and our materials to build a fort, a village, or another project of your dreams!  Campers who have extended projects in set building for Variety Theater may continue their work during this period.

Game Room: Cards, board games, dominoes, checkers, chess – it’s all good and our staff will help you learn strategies and skills.

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