C4A Covid-19 Policy

As of July 13, 2021:

Vaccination & Masks:

  • All teachers teaching in the building are fully vaccinated for Covid-19.
  • All adults who enter the building (for their own lesson or to bring a child) should be fully vaccinated.
  • All members of an adult class or ensemble should be fully vaccinated to participate in the ensemble. 
  • As of August 1, children age 12+ should be vaccinated. 
  • Anyone near a young child who is not in their family should wear a mask. 
  • During childrens’ classes and ensembles: Masks and distancing protocols, based on current public school mandates, will be followed. 

Other safety measures:

  • Teaching areas have air purifiers and hand sanitizer
  • We leave time between lessons for the air to clear
  • Anyone playing a piano, drum, or other communal instrument is required to wash hands first
  • Everyone is encouraged to wash hands before and after a lesson