Barry Morse

IMG_4746Barry R. Morse is a composer and improvises electro-acoustic music with the Wu-Morse Duo. As a thereminist he has studied with Lydia Kavina and Eric Ross and participated in the First International Theremin Festival held in Portland, Maine in 1997. As a composer he has written compositions for multiple theremins which utilize graphic notation and take advantage of various degrees of indeterminacy to produce textures and harmonies not usually heard in other kinds of ensembles. With his group the Etherphonic Theremin Orchestra, Morse conducts improvised soundscapes on up to nine theremins (so far!) played by specially instructed volunteers in massed microtonal experimental forms.   

Theremin Lessons at C4AThe theremin is perhaps the easiest instrument in the world to make strange experimental sounds on: one just waves one’s hands in the air and, like magic, weird sounds appear! However, this oldest existing electronic musical instrument (1920) is perhaps the most challenging in the world to control as one would a traditional orchestral instrument. Therefore, theremin lessons at C4A will incorporate more traditional skills like pitch matching with a piano, intervals, articulation, phrasing and vibrato control. Later, we may study ways to notate and compose for the instrument and how to play more experimentally.